Shopping for Camper Christmas Party

Yesterday, members of the Champions Kids Camp Advisory Council and a few Champs (Counselors) completed their first of 2 trips to purchase gifts for the annual Camper Christmas Party. Three hours and $3,500 later we were all exhausted, but it was SO worth it! The goal of the program "Adopt A Camper for Christmas" is to help purchase want and need items for 200 kids; many of which wouldn't have a Christmas celebration at all without our help. For just $50 per camper, we are able to supply them with backpacks, school and art supplies, personal care items and, of course, toys and other want items from their lists. The kids we shop for range in ages between 8-12 and are all survivors of some type of trauma such as a serious illness, injury, or personal loss. The youngest kids have many similar requests for teddy bears, barbies, and lego's and we do our best to accommodate their requests. There are 3 ways to donate to the cause (or make a donation of any size): 1) Online: 2) Text: text "CHAMPION" to 41444 and follow the link to make your donation 3) Mail: Send checks to Champions Kids Camp- 11152 Westheimer Rd, #681, Houston, TX 77042 For more information about Champions Kids Camp or general questions, feel free to email us at

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