Dorm Mom and Dad

The main duty of a dorm mom or dad is to stay in the cabins (air-conditioned cabins in case you were wondering) at night and be an older, parental, authority figure to the campers. Also, having dorm moms and dads allows us to give our champs a much-needed break when the children are all in bed.

*This is a commitment for the duration of camp.*

Click here for the Volunteer Application.


We are in need of nurses the whole week of camp to help with any medical needs for campers and volunteers.  Fill out a volunteer application if you can only come for part of the week, or every day for only a few hours.

Click here for the Volunteer Application.

Volunteer at an Event

We have events throughout the year you can volunteer for. Email info@championskidscamp.org to inquire.

Inquire About A Committee

To Inquire about joining one of our event committees email us at info@championskidscamp.org.