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2019 Camp Dates – July 21-26, 2019
Application Deadline – May 31, 2019

***Click on the underlined title of the application you want to download.***

Camper Application

A camper application is for a child between the ages of 8 and 12 who has survived a traumatic experience in their lives.
Must be filled out by a parent or guardian

(Aplicación en Español) coming soon

Intern Application 

An intern application is for a former camper who is now between the ages of 13 and 15, and wants to return to camp as a leader in training.
Must be filled out by a parent or guardian

***Two non-family member references and a current picture are required to be considered***

Note: Interns will be selected after May 31st deadline.


Counselor (Champ) Application

A counselor application is for a volunteer typically in their teens and 20′s (must be 16 or older) who can stay the entire week of camp. It is the responsibility of a counselor, or “champ”, as we call them at camp, to be with the campers throughout the week, and keep them on their daily schedule, while being a friend the campers can connect and bond with. “Champs” work closer than anyone else with our campers.


Volunteer Application

Fill out a volunteer application if you can only come for part of the week, or everyday for only a few hours, or if you can serve as a dorm mom or dorm dad. The main duty of a dorm mom or dad is to stay in the cabins(air-conditioned cabins in case you were wondering) at night and be an older, parental, authority figure to the campers. Also, having dorm moms and dads allows us to give our champs a much needed break when the children are all in bed.

This is also the correct application if you are a nurse wanting to volunteer your time, or have any other service you feel would be beneficial to our camp.

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