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Camp Applications

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Champions Kids Camp is held at Carolina Creek Christian Camp near Huntsville, TX

2024 Camp Dates: July 14-19, 2024

Applications Available Now

NEW! Online applications are here!

You can even take a photo directly in the application to attach. You still have the option to download a copy to mail as well.

Camper Application

A camper application is for a child between the ages of 8 and 12 who has survived a traumatic experience in their life. Must be filled out by a parent or guardian. A recent photo of the child is required. 

Intern Application

An intern application is for a former camper who is now between the ages of 13 and 15 and wants to return to camp to become a leader in training. Must be filled out by a parent or guardian. 2 non-family references and a recent photo are required to be considered. 

Champ Application

A champ (counselor) application is for a volunteer in their late teens (16+) or in their twenties that can commit to the entire week at camp. It is the responsibility of the champ to be with the campers throughout the week, keeping them on their daily schedule, and being a friend they can "connect" with. Our champs work closer with our campers than anyone else. 

Volunteer Application

A volunteer application is for any adult that can contribute time at camp (part-time or full-time). Most volunteers serve as a "dorm mom" or "dorm dad." Our dorm parents stay in cabins at night with our campers and offer more support and time for a break for our champs. Individuals interested in being a camp nurse or offering any other services should fill out a volunteer application.

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