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Champions Kids Camp is free to every child who attends. Your donations make it possible. It costs $500 to send a child to camp, and every dollar adds up. Thank you for your support.

with Paypal or Credit Card

Click on the "Donate" link below, and then choose a One-Time or Recurring Amount to give.

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You can receive a larger deduction by donating your stocks or crypto directly to CKC.

Camp Sponsorship Opportunities

Camp Sponsorship Opportunities

Sponsor A Child To Camp

It costs $500 to sponsor a child to camp. You can make this a recurring option to be donated yearly, or divided into monthly or weekly installments.

Sponsor A Day At Camp


Be our camp sponsor for the day! Your name/company name will be listed on our site.  

Sponsor A Meal At Camp


This covers our cost for one meal. Your name/company name will be displayed on our site, and you will be invited to camp for the meal you sponsored. If you own a restaurant, and would like to cater a meal, please contact us directly.  

Sponsor  Camp T-Shirt


You can sponsor the CKC T-Shirt that each of our campers, interns, champs, and volunteers wear. 

Sponsor An Activity At Camp

For $1,000, you can sponsor a specific activity at camp, including: Boating, Swimming, Adventure Park, Archery, Karate & More. Your name/company name will be featured beside this activity all week.

Beyond Camp

Bears That Care


Each bear can be purchased for minimum donation of $50 to $100. Your donation will go toward sending a child, who is a survivor to Champions Kids Camp. The bear will be placed into the arms of a child fighting to survive in Texas Children’s Hospital. Each bear comes with a card with your name (or please let us know the name you would like to use), so each child will know who sent it.

Adopt A Camper For Christmas

Champions Christmas.jpg

For just $50 per camper, we are able to supply them with one want item and one need item from their Christmas wish lists. Examples of past list items include: backpacks, school and art supplies, personal care items and, of course, toys.

CKC Scholarship Fund


At Champions Kids Camp, it is our goal to stay involved with the kids whose lives we have touched for the rest of their lives. We want to be there for them at a time when they’re going to need our support more than ever. As our organization grows, we will begin giving out a certain number of academic scholarships to well-deserving champions as they prepare to embark on their academic careers.

Families In Crisis Fund

Little Boy Playing Doctor

Because of the Nash’s own personal experience with their son at Texas Children’s Hospital, they know all too well that the last thing a family needs during such a time is financial pressure. As Bill says, “We want to reach out to these families at their point of crisis. When their child is seriously ill or injured, Champions Kids Camp wants to help alleviate the immediate outside stresses (hospital parking, hotel expense, food, travel expense, etc.) because their child needs their total and undivided attention.”Hopefully, with our help, down the road we’ll meet these same kids at one of our summer camps under much more desirable circumstances.

If you represent A Corporation or Foundation Looking to Give a Grant, Please contact Us Directly:
832.449.3743 or
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